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Chief Seattle’s Message – (6:03) a moving, powerful adaptation of Chief Seattle’s 1854 speech about reverence for the earth

Cold War – (3:05) an upbeat celebration of the end of the Cold War and more

Bridge to the Unknown – (3:46) a beautiful ballad about fear of intimacy

If Only You Would Change – (2:42) a message that speaks to almost everyone who has been in a relationship

Yugo Blues – (3:51) a hilarious novelty tune for those who have ever suffered from car problems

New Age Junkie – (2:50) a lively, humorous parody of the quest for self-improvement

Trust Your Impulses – (3:25) a helpful reminder of a truth we all know

Sunny Times – (3:57) a gentle, reflective ballad about being alone

Choosing to be Loving – (3:24) a musical soliloquy that sensitively portrays the struggle between mind and heart

I Got No Problems – (3:34) a spirited, inviting song describing a dream we all aspire to attain

Video of Chief Seattle's Message

Comments include: “beautifully presented” “amazing!” “wow” “powerful and important!” “teriffic, very moving”
Ron Goldmanlead and harmony vocals, six and twelve string guitars, percussion
Orrin Starbanjo, guitar on “New Age Junkie”
Bill Masonlead guitar on “Cold War” and “Yugo Blues,” electric bass on “New Age Junkie”
Ruby Masonkeyboards
Dave Walkercongas
Dennis Pearneelectric bass on “Yugo Blues” and “I Got No Problems”

Recorded at Second Story Studio, Boston

Engineered by Bill Mason; Produced by Ron Goldman

Graphics by Josephine Fatta and Courtney McGlynn